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Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

This website is operated by SGROW. In the entire website, the term “we”, “we” and “our” refers All the terms, conditions, policies and notices described at the place.

By visiting our website and/or buying things from us, you participate in our “service” and agree to be subject to the following terms and conditions (“service terms” and “clause”), including these additional terms and conditions and policies. Quote and/or can be obtained through the hyperlink. These service terms are suitable for all users on the website, including but not limited to users of browsers, suppliers, customers, merchants, and/or content contributors.

Before visiting or using our website, please read these service terms carefully. By accessing or using any part of the website, you agree to be bound by these service terms. If you do not agree with all the terms and conditions of this agreement, you are not allowed to access the website or use any service. If these service clauses are considered an offer, they are clearly limited to these service terms.

Any new features or tools added to the current store should also abide by the service terms. You can check the latest version of the service terms on this page at any time. We reserved the rights of any part of the update and/or change to update, change or replace these service terms by publishing updates and/or changes on our website. You have a responsibility to check this page regularly to understand the change. If you continue to use or access the website after publishing any changes, you can accept these changes.

Part 1 -Online Store Terms
Agree with these service clauses, that is, at least you have reached the adult age of your state or residential province, or you have reached the adult age of your state or residential province, and you have agreed that we allow any minor family to use this website to use this website. Essence
You must not use our products for any illegal or unauthorized purpose, nor can it violate any law (including but not limited to the copyright law) when using the service.
You must not spread any worms or viruses or any destructive code.
Violations or any terms will cause your service to end immediately.

Section 2 -General conditions
We reserve the right to refuse to provide services to anyone at any time.
You know that your content (excluding credit card information) may transmit and involve (A) transmitting through various networks without encryption; (b) change to meet and adapt to technical requirements for connecting networks or devices. Credit card information is always encrypted during network transmission.
Without our clear written permission, you agree that no part of any part of the service, service use, service access or any contact information on websites on the website of services without copying, replication, copying, selling, resale or use.
The title used in this agreement is only convenient for the sake, and will not be restricted or affect these terms in other ways.

Section 3 -The accuracy, integrity and integrity of information
Timely if the information provided by this website is not accurate, incomplete or not latest, we are not responsible. The materials on this website are for general reference only. Without consultation, more accurate, more complete, or more timely information sources, it should not be dependent on or used as the only basis for decision -making. Any dependence on this website’s materials is risky by yourself.
This website may contain certain historical information. Historical information is not necessarily the latest, for your reference only. We reserve the right to modify the content of this website at any time, but we have no obligation to update any information on our website. You agree that you are responsible for monitoring changes in our website.

Section 4 -Service and Service and
If the price of the price is changed, the price of our products will not be notified separately.
We reserved the right to modify or terminate the service (or any part or content) at any time without notice.
We do not assume any responsibility for any modification, price change, suspension or suspension of this service.

Section 5 -Products or services (as applicable)
Some products or services may only be provided online through the website. The number of these products or services may be limited, and it can only be returned or exchanged according to our return policy.
We have done our best to show the color and images of the products that appear in the store as much as possible. We cannot guarantee that any color displayed by your computer display is accurate.
We retain our rights, but there is no obligation to limit the sales of our products or services to anyone, geographical region or jurisdiction. We can exercise this right according to the specific situation. We reserve the right to restrict any product or service we provide. All product descriptions or product pricing can be changed at any time without notice, we decide by ourselves. We reserve the right to stop any product at any time. Any offer of any product or service provided on this website is invalid.
We do not guarantee that the quality of any products, services, information, or other materials you buy or obtain will meet your expectations, or any errors in the service will be corrected.

Section 6 -The accuracy of bills and account information
We reserve the right to reject you any order to us. We can decide to restrict or cancel the purchase quantity of each person, each household or each order. These restrictions may include orders from the same customer account, the same credit card, and/or orders using the same bills and/or delivery addresses or orders under the same customer account. If we change or cancel the order, we may try to inform you by contacting the emails and/or billing numbers/phone numbers provided by you when you contact you. We reserve the right to restrict or prohibit us from judging unilaterally that it seems to be an order issued by dealers, travelers or distributors.

You agree to provide the latest, complete and accurate purchase and account information for all purchases in our store. You agree to update your account and other information in a timely manner, including your email address and credit card number, and the date of date, so that we can complete your transaction and contact you when needed.

For more details, please check our return policy.

Section 7 -Optional Tools
We may provide you with the right to access to third -party tools. We do not monitor it nor to control or input it.
You acknowledge and agree that we provide access to such tools “according to the original” and “available”. There are no types of guarantees, statements or conditions, and no endorsements. We are not responsible for the responsibility that you use or related to or related to it because of your optional third -party tools.
You can use your own risks and your own decisions on any of the optional tools provided by the website. You should ensure that you are familiar with and approve the terms of the relevant third -party providers to provide tools.
In the future, we may also provide new services and/or functions through the website (including the release of new tools and resources). Such new functions and/or services should also abide by these service terms.

Section 8 -Third Party Link
Some content, products and services provided through our services may include materials from third parties.
The third -party links on this website may directed you to a third -party website that has nothing to do with us. We are not responsible for checking or evaluating the content or accuracy, and we do not guarantee nor to bear any responsibility or obligations of any third -party materials or websites or any other materials, products or services in a third party.
We are not responsible for any damage or damage related to any other transactions related to the purchase or use of goods, services, resources, content or any other trading related to any third -party website. Please read the third -party policies and practices carefully and make sure you understand them before doing any transaction. Complaints, claims, doubts, or issues of third -party products shall be directly proposed to third parties.

Section 9 -User comments, feedback and other opinions
If in response to our requirements, you sent some specific submission (such as the entry), or when we did not require, you sent creativity, suggestions, suggestions, plans, or other materials, whether online or via email via email , Mailing or other methods (collectively referred to as “comment”), you agree that we can edit, copy, publish, distribute, translate, and other methods in any media at any time without restrictions. We have no obligation (1) confidentiality of any comments; (2) compensation for any comment; (3) respond to any comments.
We may not have obliged to monitor, edit or delete our illegal, offending, threatening, defamation, slander, erotic, obscene or other dislike or violation of any party’s intellectual property or this service terms.
You agree that your comments will not violate any rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, personality or other individuals or ownership. You further agree that your comments will not include slander or other illegal, abusive or obscene materials, or include any computer virus or other malicious software that may affect the service or any related website. You must not use false email addresses, impersonate others, or mislead us or other sources of comments in any comments in third parties. You are responsible for any comments and accuracy you published. We do not bear any responsibility for any comments you or any third party.

Section 10 -Personal Information
The personal information you submitted through the store is constrained by our privacy policy. Check our privacy policy

Section 11 -error, inaccurate and omissions
Sometimes the information in our website or service may include print errors, inaccurate or omitted printing errors, inaccurate or omitted print errors related to product description, pricing, promotion, quotation, product freight, transportation time and availability. If any information on the service or any related website is inaccurate, we keep the right to correct any errors, inaccurate or omitted, and change or update the information or cancel the order of the order at any time.
We have no obligation to update, modify or clarify the information on services or any related website information, including but not limited to pricing information, except for legal requirements. The date or refresh date that is not applied on the service or any related website shall be deemed to be modified or updated by all information on the service or any related website.

Section 12 -Forbidden use
Except for other ban stipulated in the service terms, you must not use this website or its content: (a) for any illegal purpose; Or state regulations, rules, laws or local regulations; (D) violations or violations of our intellectual property or intellectual property rights of others; (E) harassment , Abuse, insult, damage, defamation, slander, derogation, intimidation or discrimination; (f) submit false or misleading information; (G) upload or spread virus or any other type of malicious code, these code may may be in any way in any way Use, affect the functions or operations of services or any related websites, other websites or Internet; (H) collect or track personal information of others; (J) For the purpose of any obscene or immoral; (K) Interference or avoid services or any relevant websites, other websites or Internet security functions. We reserved the right to terminate your right to use any prohibited services or any related website. (J) For the purpose of any obscene or immoral; (K) Interference or avoid services or any relevant websites, other websites or Internet security functions. We reserved the right to terminate your right to use any prohibited services or any related website. (J) For the purpose of any obscene or immoral; (K) Interference or avoid services or any relevant websites, other websites or Internet security functions. We reserved the right to terminate your right to use any prohibited services or any related website.

Section 13 -Disclaimer; Restrictions on Responsibility
We do not guarantee, statement, or guarantee that the use of our services will not be interrupted, timely, safe, or without errors.
We do not guarantee that the results that the service service may get is accurate or reliable.
You agree that we can delete services from time to time or cancel services at any time without notice.
You explicitly agree that you should bear the risk of using or unable to use the service. The service and all products and services that are delivered to you through the service (unless we explicitly stated) and “available” and “available” are provided for you to use without any form of statement, guarantee, or conditional implies, including all forms of statement, including all forms The application of appropriate marketing, quality, and specific use, durability, ownership and non -infringement guarantee or conditions.
Any type of loss or damage caused by any content (or products) provided by service publishing, transmission, or in other ways is even told that its possibility has been told. Because certain states or jurisdictions are not allowed to exclude or restrict or restricted indirect or attached damage, our responsibilities should be limited to the maximum scope permitted by law in these states or jurisdictions.

Section 14 -Compensation
You agree to compensate, defend and protect SGROW and our parent company, subsidiaries, affiliated companies, partners, managers, directors, contractors, licenses, service providers, subcontractors, suppliers, interns, interns, interns With employees exempt any claims or any third party’s requests that you violate the documents that are included in the incorporated by these service terms or they are incorporated by quoting the rights of any law or third party, including reasonable lawyers’ fees.

Section 15 -Elimination
If any provisions of this service clause are determined to be illegal, invalid or unable to execute, this clause should still be executed within the maximum range allowed by the applicable law. Affects the effectiveness and execution of any other remaining terms.

Section 16 -Termination
The obligations and responsibilities of the two parties before the termination date shall continue to be effective after the termination of this agreement.
These service terms are valid before you or we terminate. You can at any time by notifying that you no longer want to use our services or stop using our website to terminate these service terms.
If we unilaterally judge that you fail or we suspect that you fail to comply with any terms or regulations on this service terms, we can also terminate this agreement at any time without notice. Date; and/or therefore may refuse you to visit our services (or any of its parts).

Section 17 -Complete Agreement
If we fail to exercise or execute any rights or regulations of these service terms, it does not constitute the abandonment of the right or regulations.
These service terms and any policies or operating rules we posted or related to services on this website constitute a complete agreement and understanding between you and us, and restrict your use of the service, replacing any previous or during the same period of agreement, communication, communication And suggestions, whether verbal or written, you and us (including but not limited to any previous version of the service terms).
If there is ambiguity to the explanation of this service terms, it is not allowed to explain the drafting party.

Section 18 -Applicable Law
These service clauses and any separate agreement we provide to you should be under the jurisdiction of US law and explained according to them.

Section 19 -Change of service clauses
You can view the latest version of the service terms on this page at any time.
We reserve our own rights to update, change or replace any part of these service terms by publishing and changing on our website. You have the responsibility to check our website regularly to understand the change. After publishing any changes to these service terms, you continue to use or access our website or service to indicate that you accept these changes.

Section 20 -Contact Information
For questions about the service terms, please send it to